How to configure and setup Admin Automation for Jira Cloud.

Configure Admin Automation

After successfully installing the Admin Automation app, you'll need to complete the configuration of it:

  1. Sign in to your Jira Cloud site

  2. Open the Apps menu located in the navigation header bar.

  3. Select the Admin Automation app, or choose Manage your apps , select the Admin Automoation and press Get started

  4. From the Admin Automation app, open the Configuration menu located in the left hand naviation bar.

  5. An API key will need to be generated from within your settings. Learn more about Atlassian API keys.

  6. Enter the API key into the Configuration screen, along with the date you've set the API key to expire, and press Save.

  7. Currently, each user of the Admin Automation app will need their own API Key. This is to ensure that only authorised users are able to create and edit the automations.

You're now all setup and ready to create your first Admin Automation rule!

All API keys are encrypted and stored in AWS Secrets Manager and are only accessible via the Atlassian Admin Automation app. This aids in compliance with regulatory requirements that mandate key rotation and access logging. It’s a robust solution for modern cloud-native applications where managing sensitive information securely is critical.

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