Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I set up Admin Automation to sync my users to the default Atlassian product access groups?

A: You can use a combination of the Add user to group and Remove user from group rules, to ensure all users from any of your sync'd Identity Provider groups are added to and removed from the default Atlassian product access group, such as jira-software-users, jira-servicemanagement-users or confluence-users.

Q: Can I run bulk actions with this app?

A: Yes! You can make changes to thousands of users at once. There's even a special 'Run Once' frequency for rules, so you can manually choose when to run a bulk action rule. Like moving thousands of users from one group to another.

Q: Does this app work for Confluence and other products?

A: Yes! When you purchase the the Admin Automation app for your Jira product, it will work across all the products connected to your Atlassian organization.

There will be a Confluence specific version of the Admin Automation app released in the future, for customer that do not have a Jira product.

Q: What happens if my rule frequency is set to Hourly, but the rule takes longer than an hour to complete?

A: The second rule execution will not start until after the first rule has finished. So there's no risk of a rule interfering with itself. For rules that will affect large numbers of users, the first time that rule is run it could take a longer than normal time to complete. But subsequent executions (with smaller numbers of affected users) will be much faster.

Q: Does every user of Admin Automation need their own API Key?

A: Yes. For added security, each user needs to supply a valid API key. Jira Admins, Site Admin and Organization admins are elegible users of the Admin Automation app, but each needs to supply a valid API Key when using the app for the first time. This means if a Jira Admin or Site Admin wants to use the app, they'll have to get an API Key off an Organization Admin.

The reason for this added security, is the Admin Automation app is a very powerful tool and can make many different changes to the Organization's users, groups and product access. We want to ensure that only users authorized by an Organization Admin can make those changes.

Q: When are you releasing X feature?

Check out our roadmap page for a rough idea of what we're working on right now and in the future. If you have a suggestion for a feature, you can let us know here.

Q: Which regions is your data hosted in?

We're in the AWS regions US-West-2 and EU-West-2

Got a question that's not covered here? Email us at hello@smolsoftware.com

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