Learn what schedules are and how they work.

All rules run at scheduled times.

A schedule comprises of two parts; the Start Date and the Frequency.

The Start Date and Time can be selected when creating a rule, it can be set for today/now or a date and time in the future. This is the date and time that the rule will start executing on.

The Frequency is how often a rule will be run. The current frequency options are:

  1. Run Once - The rule will only run once at the time determined, then be disabled. This is useful for large or infrequent bulk actions, like moving 1000 users from one group to another.

  2. Hourly - The rule is run each hour

  3. Daily - The rule is run at the same time each day

  4. Weekly - The rule is run on the same day each week

  5. Monthly - The rule is run on the same day each month

A new rule will be initially run within a few minutes of the start date and time, and rerun as frequently as specified by the user. If the start date and time is set to Today/Now, then once the rule is saved, it will be run immediately or immediatly after any current rule executions are completed.

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