Audit logs (coming soon)

Learn about the audit logs available

There are three types of audit logs available that will give admins different types of information:

Admin Automation logs (coming soon)

Tracks automations that have run successfully or failed

Atlassian Access logs

Available with the Atlassian Access subscription

Jira product logs

Available with any Jira product subscription

Admin Automation logs (coming soon)

These will logs cover all the Admin Automation app activities, including:

  1. Creation and changes to automation rules.

  2. Successful and failed executions of rules.

  3. Changes that a successful rule execution has done.

Atlassian Access logs

These logs cover all activities, such as user invitations, product access, group changes and authentication policy changes. These logs are only available on a paid Atlassian Access plan and are available for 180 days.

Learn more about the Atlassian Access logs.

Jira product logs

Jira product logs can be accessed via the Jira Administration System settings. They cover a majority of user activities within Jira and will also include some administration activities, such as adding and removing users and groups. These logs are only available on a paid Jira plan.

Learn more about the Jira product logs.

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